Serious, Official Bio & FAQs

SKAliPicMy official blurby bio:

S. K. Ali is the author of the 2018 William C. Morris award finalist, Saints and Misfits. Her debut novel won critical acclaim for its portrayal of an unapologetic Muslim-American teen’s life. She holds a degree in Creative Writing and has written about Muslim life for various media, including the Toronto Star and NBC News. She lives in Toronto with her family and a very vocal cat named Yeti. Her second YA novel, a story about finding love in the time of Islamophobia, will be published in 2019 by Simon & Schuster.

I’m working on putting an FAQ section here, so please let me know what YOU would like to know about my books and/or me as an author by filling out the form below. Once I collect enough frequently asked questions, I will update this portion of my bio. Thank you!